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What is GRABBA Tobacco Leaf?

Grabba Leaf is a very confusing topic as the definition varies depending on who you ask. We will do our best to give you a quick breakdown of this very popular tobacco leaf.

The Grabba tobacco leaf is also known as Fronto.  It is a premium-grade tobacco leaf and is often used as a wrapper to roll your own (RYO) cigars. This tobacco leaf is very popular among herb smokers who use the leaf to roll their joint, spliff, pot, or blunt. It is a premium-quality leaf that is pliable enough to roll a cigar without cracks, creases, or breaks. Likewise, likewise it is smooth in texture and can bend, fold, roll, and twist. With that being said, these are some of the qualities needed in making a nicely rolled Grabba cigar for smoking.


Grabba tobacco leaf is historically associated with Jamaican herb smokers. Stories have it that the name came from smokers saying “lets GRAB-A- LEAF” of the tobacco plant. The name is now linked with various varieties of tobacco plants such as: 

  • FRONTO is a tobacco leaf that has been around for decades! There are many name variations such as Fanta Leaf, Franta Leaf, Funta Leaf, Frunta Leaf and Grabba. Fronto usually refers to a dark, not too thick, wrapper-grade tobacco leaf. Although the names may vary due to the curing process and the marketing, the individual smoker will determine their preference for the brand offered.
  • RED HERRING GRABBA: Also called Hot Grabba, is a dark leaf with a pungent, high, smokey smell as in smoked fish. Red Herring Grabba is one of the darkest, strongest leaves available and is sought by those who like a strong Dark Fire Cured leaf.
  • RED ROSE GRABBA:  Refers to a dark, thick leaf that is good for both rolling and blending.  Red Rose is an air-cured tobacco leaf and carries a strong potent smell. Red Rose is also one of the darkest and thickest leaves and is often crushed and blended.

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A “grabba leaf blunt” refers to a type of cigar that is made from a herbal blend of cannabis, pot or marijuana and wrapped in the leaf from Grabba tobacco. These cigars are often marketed as a “natural” alternative to traditional rolling paper. Because the grabba tobacco leaf is thicker than traditional paper many new smokers often ask How to roll a Grabba leaf blunt. For the seasoned smoker Grabba tobacco leaf is regarded as one of the most desired and best blunt wraps available. SEE out tips on “How to roll a Grabba blunt”.


We choose only the finest hand-picked tobacco leaves to guarantee the quality of our cigars, as a cigar is only as good as its tobacco. The leaf is the crucial ingredient in delivering a premium product. It must exhibit characteristics such as a thick body, flexibility, and the ability to stretch. Central America and the Caribbean, known for their premium tobacco-growing tradition, provide the location for the growth of most premium tobacco.

The Original Grabba whole-leaf tobacco is handled with care by expert growers and master blenders. These experienced cultivators grow, cure, and produce the best all-natural leaves. Additionally, the leaves are dark, unblemished, rich in color, and without harmful chemicals. As a result, this high-quality leaf burns slowly for a mellow and enjoyable-tasting smoke. Due to the demand, it is available in different sizes and by various companies. It’s purchased by the pound, as a full leaf and also a smaller-sized precut wraps.


People typically cure tobacco by drying the leaves in a controlled environment using several methods, such as air curing, fire curing, and flue-curing. In fire curing, they expose the tobacco leaves to smoke from burning hardwoods, giving the tobacco a distinct smoky flavor and aroma. This method is commonly used for specific types of cigars and pipe tobacco. People hang leaves over fire in a barn for proper curing through smoke exposure They closely monitor the temperature and humidity to ensure proper drying and curing of the leaves.s


In addition to using the leaf as a wrapper, it is sometimes crushed and blended with the herb of choice. This mixed blend, considered by many to be the ultimate smoke, provides an amazing head high. Original Grabba, is of exceptional quality, provides customers with the very best leaf. Above all, this leaf is for the user seeking an elevated smoking experience. 

In conclusion, Grabba leaf tobacco is a safe and enjoyable product. We remind consumers that tobacco contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Canadian Wholesalers, distributors and retailers can  purchase Original Grabba legally for the Canadian consumers.  It comes in the plain and standardized packaging as required by the Government of Canada. Perfect for convenience stores, gas station, smoke and specialty shops. Get more information on grabba in Canada here

As a warning reminder, tobacco contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our product is not for sale to minors. Some states such as California require package carry the warning that “this product can expose you to chemicals including tobacco smoke, which is known to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm”. To purchase this product you must be at least 18 years old.