Grabba Tobacco
The finest grabba tobacco leaf wraps
  • A smooth silky texture,
  • A dark chocolate brown color
  • A strong rich flavor
  • 100% premium tobacco leaves.
Whole Leaf Fronto and Fronto Wraps
100% Premium Broadleaf Tobacco
Harvested and cured specially for smoking.
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Grabba tobacco leaf

Introducing our 100% premium Grabba tobacco leaves. The leaves are handpicked and cured by expert farmers to enhance the rich chocolate color and distinctive flavor for a satisfying smoke. We offer you a premium product at an affordable cost.

Whole Leaf Grabba

The Original Grabba Whole Leaf is the full-size, single leaf of the grabba/fronto tobacco plant. These tobacco leaves are expertly grown, harvested, and cured with little or no holes and above all, are easy to roll with. Choose the whole leaf if you want the control of how much of the leaf to use and what sizes you want to roll.


  • You can roll-your-own tobacco (RYO)
  • More cost-effective 
  • Roll larger sized cigars and blunts
  • Roll more blunt for the money

As with all tobacco plants, each whole leaf may vary in size but the quality remains consistent.  Moreover, about 10 to 12 average size smokes can be rolled from the whole leaf.

All Original Grabba packages are resealable to keep the product fresh. Highly recommended for the serious smoker.

Grabba pre-cut Wraps

Our Grabba/Fronto pre-cut wraps are packaged with two blunt-sized pre-cut cigar wraps per pack. It is a cost-effective way to purchase this high-quality Grabba tobacco. Unlike the Whole Leaf Fronto, the wraps are perfectly sized for easy rolling of a small cigar blunt They are very popular.


  • A premium, exquisite wrap that is affordable
  • The convenience of a small package
  • Easy ready-to-roll size
  • Cheaper than the whole leaf
  • Packaged with two wraps
  • More cost-effective than purchasing cigars

In addition, all Original Grabba packages are resealable to keep the wraps fresh longer.

Premium quality tobacco leaf

Original Grabba roll-your-own tobacco (RYO) leaves are specially grown, harvested and cured to enhance the rich chocolate color and distinctive flavor.  

Grabba Elevates your smoking experience


Our test group chose Original Grabba when compared to other leading brands. “A pleasant smoking experience”, “well balanced and clean” and” the Best Grabba” were often repeated by the test group. In other words, now it’s your turn to give it a try and elevate your smoking experience.



Original Grabba tobacco Cigars are sold legally throughout all Canadian provinces.  As a result, these premium cigars can certainly be found at selected tobacco shops, convenience stores, and gas stations. Above all, it is the finest quality tobacco cigar leaf in Canada. Read more about Original Grabba in Canada.

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