“Our Grabba tobacco leaf has the quality of a leaf normally reserved for the finest cigars”

Original Grabba application form

Grabba Whole Leaf

The Grabba whole Leaf is the full-size, single leaf of the Grabba tobacco plant. The leaves are impressive in quality, size, and texture. An impeccable smoking leaf.   A leaf to enjoy. Package in a resealable pouch to keep the leaf fresh. 

Grabba Tobacco Wraps

pre-cut Leaf Wraps

Our Grabba pre-cut leaf wraps are packaged with two blunt-sized cigar wraps per pack. It is a money-saving way to purchase this high-quality Grabba. Sized for easy rolling of a small cigar blunt.  Very popular with smokers.

100% Premium Broadleaf Grabba Tobacco Leaf

Our Grabba is a secret blend of the highest quality leaf, a unique curing process, time, and done by master blenders. As a result, Grabba leaf users are almost cult-like in their love for this tobacco leaf.


  • Dark brown color
  • Silky smooth texture
  • No rips and hardly no holes
  • Mellow rich flavor

Better Quality, Better Smoke!

Original Grabba roll-your-own tobacco (RYO) leaves are specially grown, harvested, and cured to enhance the rich chocolate color and distinctive flavor.  Therefore, The leaves are fresh and not dry, brittle, or crumble like other brands of Grabba. 

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