Storing And Keeping Grabba Leaf fresh Longer: Helpful Tips


  • After exposure to air, the leaf will dry out so try to avoid this
  • Keeping your tobacco in the fridge will help to retain moisture while keeping it fresh
  • A sealed reusable pouch that is scent free is a great way store your tobacco leaf.
  • Using an airtight zip-closure is recommended for the storage life of the tobacco
Grabba leaf Zip Lock pouch on keeping fresh


  • Using a spray bottle will work wonders to soften your tobacco leaf and make it more flexible. 
  • Simply spray the leaf on both sides or pat it down with a damp paper towel.
  • Avoid too much water at once. Let sit and after short while your leaf will be back to a ready-to-use state. 

Avoid Mold

  • A small amount of mold on the leaf stems is not unusual depending on how it is stored
  • If you find mold cut off or around the affected area of the tobacco leaf. 
  • Washed the leaf clean and let dry before use
  • More information about tobacco mold on cured leaf

Green Spots On Leaf

  • In general Green Spots on your tobacco leaf are mostly harmless. 
  • Natural discoloration can occur during the curing process,  
  • Green Spots can be sign for farmers that the leaf is fully mature. 
  • To ensure the best quality leaf, we recommend using a reputable brand.

How To Roll A Grabba Blunt In 10 Steps

  1. Starting with premium quality Original Grabba whole leaf, carefully tear the leaf into small rectangle strips. 
  2. Tear to your preferred size the leaf wrapper for rolling a blunt.
  3. Place your wrapper lengthwise in the palm of your hand and evenly spread your herb into the wrapper.
  4. Now carefully place the loaded strip in a position to begin rolling with your fingers and thumb.
  5. Slightly squeeze and fold up both sides of the leaf 
  6. Gently tap down on the herb in the center making sure it is evenly spread and tightly layered.
  7. Get the first fold in tightly with your thumb while overlapping  the second side as you start rolling. 
  8. Tuck tightly each time as you continue to roll. Moisten or lick with saliva to help make it stick. 
  9. Lick and tuck until you have a tightly and fully rolled blunt. 
  10. Add the cosmetics and seal it with a full top to bottom lick. Pinch the ends, and you are ready to go

Hot Grabba

  • Quickly drying out the tobacco leaf will make the Grabba “hot” 
  • Users tear their preferred size and run a lit lighter in a back-and-forth motion over the leaf
  • This will quickly fire-dry the leaf which many users prefer

What size to make my Joint

  • It is your choice. Cut to your preferred size then roll and enjoy your smoke.

Where to buy Grabba Tobacco Leaf