Grabba Tobacco Leaf Tips


Storing your Grabba tobacco leaf in a sealed bag or pouch is an ideal way to keeping it fresh. Exposure to air naturally dries out the tobacco leaf, so keeping it stored in a airtight container or package will help to preserve the leaf and provide a longer shelf life. Original Grabba’s eco-friendly packaging comes a reusable, scent-proof pouch, with a built in zip lock to ensures the freshness.

How to moisten or rehydrate your tobacco leaf 

If your grabba or fronto leaf becomes dry, you can simply use a spray bottle to spray the leaf on both sides or pat it down with a damp paper towel.  Be careful not to use too much water at once. After that, let sit for a few minute to bring the grabba leaf back to a  flexible, soft state.

How to roll a Grabba blunt

Starting with your whole leaf Grabba, carefully tear along the veins of the leaf into small rectangle strips. Tear to your preferred size. You now have a leaf wrapper for rolling a blunt.

Place your wrapper lengthwise in the palm of your hand and evenly spread your herb into the wrapper. Using both hands, carefully place the loaded strip in a position to begin rolling with your fingers and thumb.

Slightly squeeze and fold up both sides of the leaf while gently tapping down on the herb in the center making sure it is evenly spread and tightly layered.

Now get the first fold in tightly with your thumb while overlapping  the second side as you start rolling. Tuck tightly each time as you continue to roll. Moisten or lick with saliva to help make it stick. Just lick and tuck until you have a tightly and fully rolled blunt. Some smokers will seal it with a full top to bottom lick. Pinch the ends, do the cosmetics and you are ready to go.

Where to Buy Grabba Leaf

All Grabba leaf and Original Grabba products can be found nation wide in the USA and Canada.  To search for where to buy grabba leaf or for the nearest store near to you, use our Grabba store location search 

Mold on your tobacco leaf

A small amount of mold on the leaf stems is not unusual and can be expected on tobacco leaves especially. However, if you find mold it is recommended that you simply washed off or cut around the affected area. Moisten and let it dry and it will be ready for smoking.

Making your grabba hot

Many users prefer to quickly dry out leaf and make their grabba “hot” by tearing preferred size and running the flame from a lighter in a back-and-forth motion.  This will quickly fire-dry the leaf which many users prefer.

Crushing Flakes

Cut preferred amount of leaf and let naturally air dry for approximately 5 minutes.  The leaf will naturally dry out and easily be crushed between fingers using a rolling motion.

Green spots on tobacco leaf

If there are ever any green spots on your tobacco leaf they are usually harmless.  For example, during the curing process, natural discoloration can occur and it is a sign for farmers that the leaf is fully mature. To ensure the best quality leaf, we recommend using the Original Grabba brand.

What size to make my grabba cigar

It is your choice. Our leaves are naturally soft so as a result, you can cut to your preferred size then roll your cigar and enjoy your smoke.